BMW Vision Efficient DynamicsBMW Vision Efficient Dynamics 

Posted on 8th November ‘10
Author: Designlenta
Translators: Grant

Russian English

BMW официально подтвердила планы по запуску в серийное производство гибридного концептуального спорткара Vision EfficientDynamics, который был впервые представлен на моторшоу во Франкфурте осенью прошлого года. О начале разработки подобного автомобиля в пятницу на пресс-конференции в Лейпциге заявил руководитель отдела разработок и член совета директоров BMW Клаус Дрегер. По его словам, в продаже на большинстве мировых рынков машина появится к октябрю 2013 года.
BMW has officially confirmed plans to launch series production of the sports car hybrid concept Vision Efficient Dynamics. The car was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last fall. The head of development department and a BMW board member Klaus Draeger, said on Friday at a press conference in Leipzig, that the car will go on sale in most world markets by October 2013.
BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

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  • 8th November ‘10 12:14

    Да ну, стремная)

  • Disco Stu
    8th November ‘10 12:26


  • ar
    8th November ‘10 12:37

    I don't understand one thing. Whole website is in English but main news are strickly in your language. Why don't you put alternative text in english?

  • BadNews
    8th November ‘10 16:10

    Очень круто! Морда ваааще космос

  • 8th November ‘10 16:28

    Очень футуристично смотрится.

  • 8th November ‘10 16:37

    Уххх, вот это да! Футуристично ))

  • Jimbo Jones
    8th November ‘10 19:24

    nice concept!!! and a nice car!!! it looks fantastic!

  • 8th November ‘10 19:34

    Безумно красивая машинка думаю получится))

  • Lisa Simpson
    8th November ‘10 22:53

    Wow - I would love this car on my drive. However I doubt I could afford it!

  • Barney Gumble
    9th November ‘10 00:08

    Ridiculous. That's all I can really say. I've been staring at the photos for like 10 minutes. Thanks so much for sharing this! Cool blog you have here.

  • Ralph Wiggum
    9th November ‘10 05:14

    Love the car, hate the burnt piece of machinery sitting in front of my home!!! Excellent engine. Chassis built quality in doubt. Good, dependable, reliable and good handling car for everyday use.

  • Bon Giorno
    9th November ‘10 12:09

    This concept car is really amazing, but the features of a beamer are still standing strong in this design. Think BMW is strong in its concepts.

  • Hermes Conrad
    9th November ‘10 13:50

    Now all they have to do is implement that sort of design in their 'every day' cars for us normal people!

  • 9th November ‘10 13:55

    I like the way you have expressed the whole matter. I have learned some good points from this post.

  • BooMan
    9th November ‘10 17:46

    отличный автомобиль....

  • 10th November ‘10 06:40

    I always prefer BMW. Like this car.

  • 10th November ‘10 11:10

    Most of us will not have the ability to afford such a unique car.That's uninteresting.

  • 10th November ‘10 17:42

    вот это концепт, вид сверху ну просто безподобен. стояла бы такая у меня в гараже )))

  • 10th November ‘10 21:28

    Looks amazing... looks like something you see in those futuristic movies. Shame we'll never see anything like this on the road!

  • 10th November ‘10 21:54

    What a beautiful car, I've noticed Ford and Buick stealing the BMW look and feel a lot lately. Don't think they'll be stealing this one tho.

  • 10th November ‘10 22:09

    В нем есть что то от smart, а так выглядит как концепт, не верится что такое авто будет ездить по дорогам!

  • 11th November ‘10 06:36

    amazing sport car!

  • Rich
    14th November ‘10 00:34

    I have to say that this is AMAZING :)

  • Rich
    15th November ‘10 19:50

    Hopefully cars will be like this in the future!

  • Homer Simpson
    17th November ‘10 10:28

    Very nice photos. But whether does the vehicle one day come thus to us? Would please me, looks anyway great.

  • Milhouse Van Houten
    22nd November ‘10 16:29

    Looks very good. Am curious whether it comes really so.

  • 26th November ‘10 16:51

    Дерзкая машинка получилась. С такой молодым парнем да по девушкам. :)

  • 30th November ‘10 19:24

    Nice...very nice...

  • ferano agency
    9th December ‘10 01:05


  • 10th December ‘10 23:21

    BMW? It`s honda-like car :)

  • pawan
    6th October ‘12 08:57

    love this...........

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