Фотограф Marc Da Cunha LopesPhotographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes 

Posted on 14th August ‘10
Author: Designlenta
Translators: Alexandra

Russian English

Marc Da Cunha Lopes — невероятно талантливый 31-летний фотограф из Парижа. Работает со многими журналами и рекламными агентствами. Мы не будем писать много слов о его работах, просто посмотрите сами. Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes is the improbably talented 31-year-old photographer from Paris. He works with many magazines and advertising agencies. We will not write many words about his works, you just have a look at them. Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes Marc Da Cunha Lopes

rating: 4.5

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  • 14th August ‘10 17:40


  • 14th August ‘10 19:19

    Последняя фотка зачет)))

  • 15th August ‘10 15:50

    I love the one with the frog. The face is fantastic :)

  • R
    16th August ‘10 10:25

    Последняя фотка, такая фотка.

  • esiak
    16th August ‘10 10:56

    hi:) you are featured here:

  • 16th August ‘10 11:06

    Круто! Понравилось где из горловины бензобака язык торчит!

  • 16th August ‘10 14:32

    yeah like the one from peugot

  • 16th August ‘10 14:46

    like all of them :)

  • 16th August ‘10 15:10

    Акула самая прикольная))

  • 16th August ‘10 18:25

    Збавные фотки, с акулой особенно понравилась !

  • 16th August ‘10 22:22

    Нет слов! Я как фотограф в шоке !

  • 17th August ‘10 03:01

    I love the one of the gas and the tongue!

  • 17th August ‘10 03:23

    Wow, i really like the PS3 picture :)

  • Waylon Smithers Jr.
    17th August ‘10 13:55

    Marc Da Cunha Lopes allt he best for your work.I like all the photos.

  • 17th August ‘10 15:24

    thats great! will you add more?

  • Barney Gumble
    17th August ‘10 23:19

    Hahahahaha, excellent!! Great pics. Keep it up!!

  • 18th August ‘10 14:56

    Мне вот все фотки понравились, но больше всего фото где девушка вся искуственная

  • Edna Krabappel
    18th August ‘10 23:04

    I love the picture with the girl, it's sexy and weird at the same time. lol

  • Vakantie Spanje
    19th August ‘10 09:53

    Great picture of the shark. He can use it ;-)

  • Carl Carlson
    20th August ‘10 19:06


  • Ira
    22nd August ‘10 19:28

    Ржака))) вкуснейшая) Парень молодец!

  • 23rd August ‘10 07:16

    The one with the frog was a very good design..

  • Duffman
    27th August ‘10 17:51

    Very fantastic!

  • 28th August ‘10 06:21

    Such fantastic photos/computer art! I wonder what the artists get paid to think up such intriguing advertisements!!

  • Homer Simpson
    4th September ‘10 09:54


  • Royal Doulton
    9th September ‘10 17:38

    These ads are really funny and quirky. The one with the girls exploding in springs and bodyparts is pure genius lol! Even her nipples are spring-loaded

  • i0_
    15th September ‘10 11:09


  • 20th September ‘10 10:14

    The thirsty gas tank is amazing.

  • bvtt
    29th September ‘10 11:50


  • sulesin
    30th October ‘10 12:54

    Уау вот это уже отличная работа. Первая фотка сразу настроила на позитив:)

  • Alexandra
    10th April ‘12 19:34

    Wow! it's superb! keep up good job!

  • Ganeshan Nadarajan
    31st October ‘12 11:49

    I enjoyed watching the post !!!

  • Faruh
    15th September ‘13 21:58


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